Joe Rogan Receives ‘Rumble Business’ Proposition Amid Spotify Controversy

There’s been a fair amount of controversy regarding Spotify streaming the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast for roughly the past week.

Leftists have been triggered by Rogan not sticking to mainstream media talking points about COVID, booster shots, vaccinations, virus treatment options, etc. They claim Rogan is spreading “misinformation,” and Spotify shouldn’t support it.

Against multiple artists ordering Spotify to remove their content as a form of protest against Rogan, the Podcast host has come out with a series of apologies for things that offended some people.

The CEO of Spotify came out this week and confirmed the company doesn’t believe the censorship of Rogan is the right path forward. However, according to LifeSiteNews, Rumble, another streaming service, has now thrown a business proposition into the mix.

The Rumble CEO has offered Rogan $25 million per year for up to four years, should he agree to move the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast from Spotify to Rumble.

Likewise, the video company is committing to not censoring any of Rogan’s material, regardless of how loudly the leftist cancel culture mob screams for it. After declaring the importance of “real conversation,” Rumble let Rogan know that now is his moment to help “save the world.”

Rumble’s offer to Rogan has been made public in a letter that’s since gone viral across various social media platforms. While Rogan has yet to take up Rumble on its offer, conservatives say he should go for it.

Many Americans on the political right also feel that Spotify will always put Rogan in a position where he essentially has to keep one eye open. In the wake of the backlash against the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Spotify stated they’d put advisory warnings on any content discussing coronavirus.

If Joe Rogan were to take up Rumble on its offer, Spotify would lose a lot of money. The podcaster is currently generating more funds for Spotify than all the artists boycotting the platform combined.

Spotify will have to stand up and make some tough calls at one point or another. They’re going to have to decide whether they’ll have to cancel culture or take a stand in favor of free speech.

Meanwhile, Rogan’s new business proposition from Rumble has officially sent the message to Spotify that they’re not the only ones with leverage.