John Kerry Thinks That He Got A Great Environmental Deal After India Backs Out On Coal

Achieving environmentalist goals requires India and China to stop producing and using energy. No self-respecting nation that is driving massive growth will do this. China and India both have populations and economies that are pushing the demands on their national power systems. But the Biden-Harris maladministration promotes outstanding environmental agreements, even as India continues to use coal-fired plants.

India changed the language limiting coal energy in their agreement. These insane climate change deals are not worth the paper they are printed on. They are one-sided, unilateral agreements that nations break at will and with impunity.

Almost 200 nations, including the US, supposedly struck a climate change limiting agreement in Scotland. The 26th UN Climate Change Conference took place at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow. It featured the teenage sensation Greta Thunberg and the never-to-be king and Aston Martin driving Prince Charles.

After speaking to a group of diplomats who flew in on private jets, Thunberg tweeted that we would accomplish quick, exceptional, annual cuts to energy use. She thinks we are failing to address this climate emergency and have few positive developments. Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) retweeted her agreement.

Any deal will contain watered-down language that will not reduce coal power usage by India.

India pushed the other nations to utilize the expressions related to slowing coal power usage rather than deliberately transition away from it. They wanted to be seen as supporting the deal. But India threatened to leave the Glasgow Agreement if Kerry didn’t help the stage. He thinks he can resume the battle one year from now, like Democrats playing incremental policy politics in the US.

Kerry is cheering the deal as uplifting news for the world, a good enough and acceptable agreement that will have little to no effect on global carbon emissions.

After about fourteen days of discussion by leaders of almost every nation on the planet, Kerry wanted to wave a piece of paper like Neville Chamberlain shouting climate peace in our time. He’s fond of telling the media we are getting closer to averting the make-believe environmental turmoil Al Gore predicted some 40 years ago. Whatever pollution improvements have been made have taken place in the western nations of Europe and America, as Asian countries continue to grow and produce power. Kerry thinks we are finally getting clean air, more safe water, and a better planet. This guy has some God-complex.

Many countries and environmental organizations condemned India to preserve its economy and avoid the language designed to cripple it. These groups claim that India’s late change to the language to stage down coal production is shocking. India has blocked environmental extremism in comparison to China, which has ignored any restrictions. But no one seems to be shocked at the power usage of China, which dwarfs all other industrializing nations.

Joe Biden spoke at the COP26 and bubbled through his comments on the climate agreement.

In Scotland, Kerry said that the US will end coal power use inside the next nine years or by 2030. Coal power plants should increase output as the cost of petroleum gas rises due to oil price spikes. But Kerry and the Biden anti-president’s energy policy will shut down coal plants as Americans face a tremendous inflation increase in years. Elderly individuals will face massive expenses that may threaten their well-being this winter. Blame Biden!