Johnson, Cruz, Biggs And Roy ‘Slam’ The FDA For Delaying Possible COVID Treatment

In a letter to the FDA, Senators Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, with Congressman Andy Biggs and Chip Roy, demanded the agency explain why they were dragging their feet on approving the drug ZYESAMI for treating COVID. For some context, it is a late-stage treatment that has anecdotally pulled people from death’s door. Even Dr. Fauci had some positive things to say, which is a miracle since he does not appear to own stock in the company that produces it.

Over 900,000 people (about half the population of Idaho) have died from COVID. Even if you pull out the “with COVID” group from that number, it will still be many people. Yet the protocols are still the same in the hospital, Remdesivir plus ventilator. Even with everything we have learned from courageous doctors worldwide literally trying everything, the only thing that has changed has been the almost cultish adherence to the experimental vaccines.

Early treatments that have undergone rigorous study were ignored. Natural immunity is discounted and forgotten. Why won’t the FDA do everything it can to correct the error of its ways and get aggressive about trying anything and everything that looks promising? The masks are coming off in all states. What is there to lose? Even the CDC (Center for Disease Control) director Walensky is starting to backpedal on the vaccines to save face and reframe her position in the crisis.

The way this whole thing has been rolled out from the beginning seems to suggest that this is not about people’s health at all. The politicians have used the crisis to take as much power as possible and the medical establishment has made billions and billions of dollars for the drug companies. The FDA slow-rolling treatments other than the vaccine is just another data point in a chronology filled with them.

The crises may be waning, but the American people’s trust in its institutions may never come back. Unless there is a complete overhaul of the system, I do not blame them.