Jon Stewart’s CNN Remarks About Trump Prove He Has No Principles

Once beloved even by many conservatives for his willingness to think outside the box of standard, unimaginative two-party politics in the United States, Jon Stewart has undoubtedly changed since leaving the Daily Show.

He and former co-host Stephen Colbert underwent a similar transformation from a hilarious political comedian on the Colbert Report to an unfunny “comedic” political news anchor on his late-night talk show.

Jon Stewart just started blathering in a recent interview on Communist News Network’s Sunday “State of the Union” program with Jake Tapper. We know he wasn’t saying anything that he believes, just posing as a kind of generic “smart guy contrarian.”

We know that because he spoke with conviction as he meant it words about Donald Trump that 100% contradict everything he has had to say about the matter until this recent interview. Can’t Stewart even check his memory to make sure he’s consistent? The comedian either has no principles or is losing his mind in some other way.

Stewart chastised the media for portraying Donald Trump as “some incredible supervillain,” calling that strategy for opposing the 45th president “a mistake.”

When Tapper started on Trump’s potential re-election bid, saying, “This is not only not going away, this misinformation, big lie, flirtation with autocracy. It’s getting worse,” Stewart just thought he was so much more realistic and clever and funny with his reply, “That’s the worst bedtime story I have ever heard, ever.” Oh Jon, have Al Gore read you a bedtime story sometime.

All of Stewart’s words and attitudes in the interview were a pose. He said, “I think we make a mistake focusing this all on Donald Trump, as though he’s, I don’t know, Magneto, and some incredible supervillain that has changed the very nature and temperature of the United States.” But that’s what Stewart spent the last four years doing.”

In a June 2020 interview for The View, Stewart opined, “The greatest agent of chaos in this country today is the president.” So which time was he full of it? On The View in June 2020, or on State of the Union in Oct 2021? Because those two Stewarts are in complete disagreement about Trump and the right way to talk about Trump.

Oddly enough, in a 2018 interview with CNN, Stewart said of Donald Trump precisely what could be said of Stewart after Sunday’s SOTU interview: “Donald Trump is a salesman who changes his pitch depending on who he’s in front of. What he doesn’t realize is that it’s all being recorded.”

Even if that were true, then at least Trump is smart enough to change it up based on who he’s in front of. Stewart tells CNN one thing in one interview and the opposite in another interview on the same network. And he knows he’s being recorded. The question is, how stupid does Jon Stewart think we all are?