Jordan Subpoenas Manhattan Prosecutor Who Resigned Over Trump Probe

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Thursday subpoenaed the Manhattan prosecutor who stepped down last year after the district attorney hesitated to probe former President Donald Trump further.

According to Breitbart, Mike Pomerantz is directed to appear before the Judiciary Committee to be deposed on April 20. He resigned in Feb. 2022 over the direction of the Trump investigation.

Jordan explained in the subpoena’s cover letter that the panel had legislative reasons to demand his appearance and testimony.

The Republican representative noted that Congress had a specific interest in blocking politically motivated prosecutions of former and current presidents. He noted that New York County elects its prosecutor and judges do not enjoy life tenure.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a George Soros-backed progressive prosecutor, struck back at Jordan’s subpoena. He accused the House GOP of attempting to derail an active investigation and criminal case with an “unprecedented campaign of harassment and intimidation.”

He further complained of “repeated efforts to weaken state and local law enforcement actions” and called them an “abuse of power.”

It was shortly after Bragg took over when Pomerantz, a former special assistant assigned to the Trump probe, left the DA’s office. His stepping down became public when his resignation letter was published in the New York Times.

In his writing, Pomerantz stated his belief that Trump was “guilty of numerous felony violations.” He said that Bragg’s announcement that the investigation was “indefinitely” suspended was “misguided,” and he was therefore resigning in protest.

It was just last November, a mere week after Trump announced his candidacy for 2024, that Bragg announced the investigation had resumed.

Jordan stated that he believed, based on Pomerantz’s resignation letter, that the former special assistant had “prejudged the results” of the inquiry before they were known. The Republican also believed that his resignation prompted Bragg to revive the case and proclaim it was not over.

The Republican House is now busy doing the work that the chamber should have been engaged in throughout the Biden presidency. It is holding radical leftists accountable for weaponizing the government against political rivals, and this subpoena is both important and timely.