Judge In Mar-A-Lago Raid Tied To Jeffrey Epstein

The federal judge who issued the warrant enabling the FBI search on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property was a former criminal lawyer who was previously hired by Jeffery Epstein.

According to Politico, Reinhart served as an assistant US attorney for Florida for a total of 12 years before being appointed to the bench in 2018. During that time, he was part of the team that investigated Jeffrey Epstein for child sex trafficking in 2005 — Reinhart was appointed to the bench in 2018.

The federal case that was brought against Epstein was eventually dropped due to a contentious non-prosecution deal that Epstein’s attorneys had reached with the office of the United States Attorney. Late in 2007, while the specifics of that arrangement were being worked up, Reinhart created a limited liability corporation in Florida with the same address as the one used by Jack Goldberger, who was Epstein’s primary attorney.

On January 1, 2008, Reinhart resigned from his position as an attorney for the United States. Epstein made him his new employee the very following day. Reinhart would go on to defend Epstein’s pilot and scheduler who were granted exemption from federal prosecution as a result of Reinhart’s representation.

After that, Reinhart spent the next decade working as a litigator and white-collar criminal defense attorney in private practice. After becoming appointed by a clear majority of U.S. District Court judges in Southern Florida, he was given his oath of office as a federal magistrate in the month of March 2018.

Candidates for the post are vetted by a merit selection panel that includes lawyers and non-lawyers from the community; and they must meet the requirement that they;be a member in good standing of a state or territory’s highest court bar.

In a suit brought in 2011 on behalf of Crime Victims Rights, the plaintiffs argued that Reinhart had violated departmental policy by changing sides, and they accused the attorney of using his access to sensitive information regarding the sex trafficking case in order to obtain a position with Epstein.

As reported by the Miami Herald, the United States Attorney’s office said that Reinhart was lying when he denied having access to sensitive, non-public information concerning the Epstein situation.

Per the New York Post there is not a lot of information available concerning the FBI raid that took place at the house.