Kamala Harris Annoyingly States The Obvious

The dysfunction within the Biden Administration is gradually trickling down to the rest of the country. This dysfunction is apparent as the economy, crime, immigration, national security, and other areas of American life take a turn for the worst.

Right now, the blame for this falls on the shoulders of the White House. They are running the federal government and joining forces with a Democrat-controlled Congress to pass measures that are doing nothing positive for the country.

It’s, therefore, no shock that the approval ratings of both Biden and Harris are falling with each new poll. However, in an interesting turn, the vice president has chosen to weigh in on what she believes Americans feel, as the Next News Network covers.

While speaking with PBS News, the vice president made a point of declaring that the American people have essentially reached their wit’s end when it comes to the COVID-related mandates her party is imposing.

Harris noted that “everyone” is dealing with frustration levels regarding this matter. Shortly after that, the vice president followed up this claim by noting she appreciates and understands the “malaise” that Americans are feeling at this point in our country.

Later on during the interview, Harris noted the two-year timeframe that the virus has dominated national headlines and impacted lives in the United States.

Harris did not mention that much of the malaise Americans are facing is furthered by the administration that she’s a part of. Americans experience malaise when the president of the United States starts pushing heavy-handed mandates.

The vice president saying what is painfully apparent doesn’t change anything. It also doesn’t change that medical mandates haven’t done a single thing to stop COVID.

Right now, Americans are waiting for the Supreme Court to issue a ruling on a series of Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates for workers. Many people across the nation are hoping the highest court in the land will make the right call and send these mandates to the trash bin where they belong.

At this very moment, there are more Americans vaccinated against COVID than there have ever been. Yet, despite this, cases are still soaring through the roof. Logic dictates that none of these vaccines and boosters are doing a thing to stop this virus from spreading.

Health officials got it wrong, as did the Democrat Party. It’s time these folks admit the errors of their ways and stop trying to cram dictatorial edicts down the throats of Americans.