Kamala Harris Arrives in Guatemala and Is Met by Protesters With a Very Pointed Message

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Kamala Harris finally got around to taking her trip to the Northern Triangle to address the “root causes” of the boarder crisis.

Of course, the “root cause” of the border crisis is the guy sitting in the White House trying to decide what time to call a lid today so he can go to bed. But they apparently don’t care about addressing the real problems of their words and policies.

Harris was appointed by Joe Biden March to deal with the border issues in March. But she hadn’t yet gone to the border and hasn’t really seemed to have done much of anything about it until this trip.

But when Harris got on a plane for Guatemala yesterday, things didn’t go well. There was some kind of “technical” issue with Air Force Two, so they had to turn back and she had to get on another plane to make the trip. There were no real safety concerns, just an issue with the landing gear “storing correctly.”

Legacy media put out the pictures of the official greeting.

When she landed in Guatemala, however, she was also met by protesters who didn’t seem on board with her claimed effort to want to “help” the region so that people wouldn’t be flooding illegally into the United States. The protesters included members of Society in Action, who said they were pro-life and anti-leftist agenda as well as members of the Veterans Association.

The protesters had some very pointed messages and very big signs, including “Go Home” and “Trump Won.”

Harris is supposed to fly to Mexico tonight and meet with the Mexican president for more talks.

Looks like even people overseas have Kamala’s number and don’t want her there. What exactly are these “talks” going to do, as the problem continues to get worse? The number of US-Mexico border detentions hit a 21-year monthly high of more than 178,000 in April, the last month for which there are statistics. What practically does she intend to do that is going to change what’s happening now? She doesn’t really seem to have any idea.