Kamala Harris Continues Failing To Keep Aides On The Beat

Throughout 2021, quite a bit of negative press came out regarding Vice President Kamala Harris.

The vice president was rumored to be having trouble with her work in the Biden Administration. Some people even claimed the White House was secretly working against Harris, setting her up to fail and then making her the fallen woman for the White House’s series of mishaps.

Harris, for her part, did her best to put these rumors to bed. In multiple interviews with various media outlets, the vice president repeatedly declared that she did not feel used, mistreated, or otherwise slighted by the Biden Administration.

However, the continuous resignation by various aides also caused people to question the job the vice president was doing. In 2022, Harris continued to be plagued by multiple staffers quitting, as documented by RedState.

This week, the vice president’s public engagement deputy director announced his decision to step down from his role. Vincent Evans didn’t mention why he chose to step down in his resignation statement. However, Evans noted his excitement to join the Congressional Black Caucus.

Evans stated most about his work for the vice president that the departure is occurring on favorable terms, and she’s excited to see what he’ll do next. Evans also made sure to assert that his resignation from Harris’ team has nothing to do with the various other staffers who turned in their notices throughout 2021.

Americans continue to question why so many aides leave Harris so in such rapid succession. Part of the reason could be rumors of the vice president being a bully towards the folks who work for her.

Previous employees of Harris have come out, calling her demanding, hard to work for, and accusing her of forcing them to be in hostile, abrasive working environments. In 2021, when the vice president faced questions about these reports, the most she had to say was, “come on.”

With Joe Biden barely hanging on by a thread, many people across the United States do not believe he will make it through a full four-year term as president.
If this is the case, Harris will be the next president, as per the Constitution. For some time, the vice president was also the obvious next choice for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024 or 2028.

However, in light of her low approval ratings and the exceptionally high turnover levels amongst her staff, Democrat leaders are questioning whether Harris would be an asset or liability to the party in the long term.