Kamala Harris Found A Way To Go Indeed More Moronic Than Wearing A Mask While Driving Alone

We’ve all seen that guy riding alone in their car with their mask on like they’re trying not to catch coronavirus from themselves. It’s not entirely unlike someone who wears a condom to masturbate alone in their bed. The lonely masked drivers might be telling on themselves. (In India, the Delhi High Court made driving alone without a mask illegal.)

Of course, during the height of the pandemic, all the bleating sheep who didn’t feel they hit their virtue quota online for the week were also all wearing a mask in their social media profile pictures, as if they were concerned about shedding their viral load on you through the screen.

At a campaign event dressed as a Diwali celebration, Vice President Kamala Harris found a way to go even dumber. The only way that the guy masturbating alone in bed with a condom on could do something even more insane than that is if, before finishing, he ripped the condom off and then approached a fertile woman and ejaculated right in her womb.

That’s what Kamala Harris did to a group of friendly Hindu people this week.

In the video, she was seen wearing a mask in the parking lot more than six feet away from anyone and then removing her mask as she approached a crowd. That’s the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do if the mask is a health precaution and not a symbol of your kowtow to a diabolical resurgence of authoritarianism in America.

Like the rest of the Covidiots that have taken it upon themselves to plunge our society into darkness, Harris pretends very hard that the mask is a health precaution. 

Even though Washington DC did not have a mask mandate in effect, Harris required reporters at a campaign event dressed as a “voting rights” event to wear masks despite all reportedly being tested negative for a coronavirus infection.

She told attendees at the event: “No one likes wearing masks. People need to get vaccinated. That’s the only way we’re going to cut this off. Nobody likes wearing a mask.” Yet, she required the coronavirus-tested reporters to wear masks. 

So intense is Harris’ pretending about the mask that in May, she went so far as to “kiss” her husband through the mask without taking it off, even though they were both vaccinated and he’s her husband. Forget the joke about Chris Hayes earlier in this article. We can tell from this “kiss” who masturbates alone in bed with a condom on.