Kamala Harris Has Another Important Staffer Flee

With Joe Biden’s popularity cratering, the only good thing he can say about his administration is that it will be tough to remove him under the 25th Amendment because of who would take his place. Kamala Harris’ poll numbers are actually worse than the Presidents, making the claim that this is the most unpopular ticker in American politics history possible.

Harris is not only universally disliked by voters and her peers, but she is also notorious for being a terrible boss. Being on the staff of the President or Vice-President is typically career making. It is a golden ticket to cushy jobs in the beltway class forever. That maxim will be tested with the current crop of rats fleeing the ship.

Kamala just lost her 12th staffer in only a little over a year. That is an absurdly high churn rate for a Vice President’s office. It was not an intern either. Harris’ Chief of Staff Tina Flournoy is leaving. No reason is given but we can guess that it is because she has a terrible boss, and the Democrats are going to get destroyed in November. Ironically, Flournoy was responsible for the staffing decisions of the previous eleven people who quit.

Even if Biden is somehow able to turn his polling numbers around, Kamala has shown herself to be completely incapable of the job. She has been tasked with tackling the border crises and trying to prevent Putin from invading Ukraine. We can see how those decisions worked out. Kamala has also become synonymous with cringeworthy public appearances. Even though she has spent most of her adult life in the public eye speaking to crowds and the camera, her many reps have not translated to an increase in her skill.

The clip above is not the exception. It is the rule for her public performances. In addition to her being unable to speak at a high school debate level, she laughs at the most awkward and inopportune moments.

People are fleeing her office not just because she is a terrible boss, but she is incapable of producing results that would convince people to stay despite her managerial style. You never say that her office has hit bottom because she continues to find new lows every single day.