Kamala Harris Is Officially In Danger

Despite the rosy picture the White House tries to create, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did not get off to the best of starts. During the 2020 presidential election (before Harris was chosen as Biden’s running mate), she went after him intensely during the Democratic primary debates.

Harris held Biden’s feet to the fire for the time he spent with racist senators who supported segregation and bussing. The then-soon-to-be-vice president also called out Biden on a series of other issues that engendered animosity between the pair.

Yet somewhere along the line, Biden and Harris managed to put their differences aside, uniting the leftist 2020 ticket as a team. However, American Thinker points out that the two have fallen out, and Harris is now in genuine danger.

On November 18, CNN published an expose detailing the problems the vice president is having in the White House. Members of Harris’ team declared the White House is sidelining her and setting her up not to succeed.

On top of that, rumors have surfaced that first lady Jill Biden is no fan of the vice president. Her hatred towards Harris stems from the latter’s attacks on Biden during the Democratic primary debates.

The White House is also reportedly nervous about Harris being disloyal in the future. During a recent press conference, aide Jen Psaki refused to directly answer when asked whether Biden would back a Harris presidential run in either the 2024 or 2028 elections.

Furthermore, rumors are spreading of the White House investigating the congressional measures necessary to install a different vice president. From what it looks like now, the Biden administration is reviewing various methods to get Harris out of the office without drawing too much attention in the process.

Before Harris joined Biden as his vice-presidential candidate, she also spoke about the women who accused him of inappropriate, physical behavior. Harris, at the time, stated she believed the accounts of these women and thought they ought to be listened to.

It could be yet another reason why Jill Biden is no fan of Harris. Less than one year in, the Biden administration is getting sick of the vice president as well. However, whether or not they move to boot her out of office remains to be seen.

The president’s got enough issues on his plate. As such, the White House could have a vested interest in avoiding the PR nightmare that would stem from them ousting their vice president, especially the first woman and person of color to serve in that role.

Let the games begin!