Kamala Harris Just Made A Politically Fatal Mistake

Vice President Kamala Harris has been having a rough go of things lately. For starters, her approval ratings are lower than Joe Biden’s, which is a shallow bar, to begin with. Harris has not done an excellent job of winning the public over for many reasons.

Harris was chosen as the czar to handle the southern border crisis. Yet, she objectively did nothing. The vice president has not fixed the border or done anything to reduce the drugs, human traffickers, illegal immigrants, and other unsavory characters who are just waltzing on over.

On top of that, Harris is failing to get along with Biden. Amid her low approval ratings, the Democrat Party is reportedly reconsidering whether or not Harris can genuinely be a vital leader in the party in the future.

In the hopes of trying to fix her situation, Harris turned to the one person who may be even more unpopular than she is, as reported by Breitbart News.

With all of the issues the vice president is having regarding her approval ratings and whatnot, she chose to turn to Hillary Clinton, of all people, for some unfathomable reason.

The New York Times claims that Clinton and Harris have recently met up in the West Wing of the White House. The vice president is looking to Clinton for advice on progressing and salvaging her approval ratings and public image.

Of all the people the vice president could have sought advice from, it’s strange that she selected Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s unpopularity rivals even that of Harris’. Furthermore, Clinton’s repeatedly done herself no favors in the arena of popularity by scolding Americans who she perceives as “ungrateful” to Joe Biden.

Sadly for Harris, if she takes any advice from Hillary Clinton, she should expect her approval ratings to get even worse. Biden’s indeed aren’t getting any better. There has yet to be a single poll out in months where the 46th president has garnered above a 49% approval rating.

Harris is ultimately the architect of her misfortune. She is the second in command to an administration that lies daily and puts through policies that destroy the nation. The vice president has backed up every single poor decision Biden’s made, yet somehow, even this isn’t enough to get her into Biden’s good graces.

The pair reportedly remain at odds, with rumors afoot of Biden wanting Harris booted out as vice president altogether. Harris should not count on her approval ratings getting higher in the new year.