Kamala Harris Makes Her First Move To Take Out Joe Biden

A former Kamala Harris aide said that Joe Biden allows black women to be the target of racism. The Biden-Harris maladministration enters the cannibalism phase, where they form a circular firing square and attack others.

Vice President Kamala Harris wants to clarify for the world the reasons for her outrageous unfavorability ratings. It’s the white guy’s fault. She is blaming Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, which safeguards white men.

The White House is divided between Harris staff members and Biden staffers. Inside the White House, Harris has accepted that her first year as VP was horrible. Now she needs to craft a story to sell to the media.

In a CNN report, anonymous sources from Kommie’s team said that a massive part of her failure is racism from President Joe Biden. The President’s office has a particular energy that is used to guard a white man. Rather than supporting and defending Kamala Harris, they protect themselves. She has gone through a year taking hits that the West Wing wants to avoid.

A gay white man, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, took two months off on paternity leave. It just proved how useless these government agencies are and feckless Buttigieg is when no one missed him. Nursing his baby is more important than work. But a white woman, Circle Back Jen Psaki, called Pete a “good example” for Americans. When has she endorsed Kamala as a heroine for young women?

Harris wants you to believe that she faces steady bigotry from conservatives and traditional media. But she is being criticized for her failure as the Czar of the southern border. This emergency is only getting worse, and public safety is declining.

Harris was also supposed to shepherd the federal push to take over state elections through the guise of ballot rights and reform. Add to that her commitment to speed up the pace of COVID-19 vaccine usage, which has plateaued. And she was pushing for more unionization in the workforce as well as ending gender discrimination. She seems to be fighting complex or nonexistent problems with simple rational solutions.

The fact that Kamala cannot make progress is documented. It is a typical liberal app, claiming to tackle big problems and make them worse. CNN’s source said her staff had let her down, and Biden did not help her succeed. Remember the awkward VP offer phone call where Joe said, “are you ready to get to work.” He meant she would do all the work, and he would get the credit.

Harris’ staff members have griped about the toxic work culture in her office. Some may claim that Kommie has fostered a hostile workplace. When she was in the Senate for California, Harris had one of the highest staff turnover rates in the Senate.

Harris’ chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, can not hire big-name Democrat consultants because they have turned her offers down since they are reluctant to work with a boss who may be a sociopathic maniac.

Harris has Obama’s machine and team. They are attempting to link Harris and Hillary Clinton together as victims of chauvinism in the Democrat Party. Hillary is the most cheated-on woman alive. Just ask Bill. Stephanie Cutter and Jennifer Palmieri, Obama advisers, claim that misogynist treatment from the media is why Harris is not gaining the love and admiration of Americans. Or it could be because she is grating and ineffective.

Biden intentionally forced Harris into no-win situations while sleeping and skated his way through the anti-presidency. These two were made for each other. They are both inept and expect everyone else to do the dirty work for them. Compare that to Donald Trump, who rolled up his sleeves and got to work for the American people. Instead of a competent leader, we have a bickering bundle of Democrats thanks to the Americans who could not stand low gas prices and a thriving economy.

Biden’s staffers say Harris has caused her very own problems. She blamed Israel for committing ethnic massacres and genocide against Palestinians in September. She repeatedly snickered at legitimate questions.