Kamala Harris Ouster from Democratic Party Leadership?

The Democrat Party, today, is possibly in the worst shape it’s ever been in.

The party is led by a president who’s gradually talking the nation into World War III, while also warning about food shortages, crashing the economy, destroying US energy production, and more.

One poll after the next shows that Americans are beyond frustrated with Biden. Also, judging from Biden’s disapproval rating standing at roughly 55%, this shows that Republicans and right-wing Independents are far from Biden’s only critics.

Quite frankly, things aren’t looking so good for the November midterms and the 2024 presidential election isn’t too far behind, either.

Political commentator Molly Hemingway has proposed Democrats make very specific moves if they want to save themselves ahead of 2024.

However, the one person who truly won’t like Hemingway’s suggestion is none other than Vice President Kamala Harris, according to Twitchy.

Harris Standing on Borrowed Time?

Days ago, Hemingway stated the best play for Democrats going forward is ousting Harris as vice president and putting in someone else to take the position of president before Biden steps down.

Hemingway’s suggestion comes amid reports of the vice president having a lot of issues in the White House. Apparently, Harris has felt slighted by the way she’s been presented in Vogue Magazine, in addition to White House staffers failing to rise to their feet when she enters a room.

Towards the end of last year, rumors also began to emerge about the Biden administration using Harris as the scapegoat for when Biden messes up. However, both the vice president and the White House publicly disputed these allegations.

Holes in Hemingway’s Suggestion

Following the political commentator’s call for Harris to leave office and be replaced by someone else (ahead of Biden resigning himself), a lot of questions came up.
Some Twitter users asked which Democrat would take Harris’ position and be any better than the current leadership in the administration. After all, Democrats collectively voted Biden and Harris into power. There’s no guarantee that Harris’ replacement would be any better than she is.

All in all, the leadership that exists in the White House today is causing a lot of problems for the country.

To many Americans, it’s not enough to replace just one member of the Biden administration; the whole administration needs to be voted out and replaced with a new president and new aides who have America’s best interests at heart.