Kamala Harris Remain As Aloof As Ever When It Comes To Inflation

Just like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris’ approval ratings are getting gradually lower with each new poll that comes out. Time and time again, the vice president proves that she remains woefully out of touch with the American people.

Weeks ago, Harris chose to travel across the country to promote a new law passed on infrastructure. Meanwhile, Americans are more concerned about inflation. It is something that no one in the Biden Administration has taken the initiative to get a hold of.

Meanwhile, it seems as if the White House is tuning out inflation altogether, despite the real impacts it’s having on American citizens. During a recent question about inflation, Harris proved how woefully aloof and out of touch, she is, as noted by Twitchy.

During a conversation with Face the Nation, Harris was asked whether or not the Biden Administration made an error when they categorized inflation as “transitory.” Face the Nation also made sure to note that inflation is not going to be making a disappearance from the lives of Americans anytime soon.

However, Harris’ response to this line of questioning says it all. According to the vice president, Americans “need solutions” for prices of gas, groceries, and other supplies.

Harris then continued that the Biden Administration went to Los Angeles ports and pushed for truckers to work 24/7 as a “short-term solution” to get necessary products to the American people. Later, the vice president cited passing Build Back Better, another spending bill, as a “long term solution.”

Critics on social media rightfully branded the vice president as clueless and incompetent. They stated she didn’t seem to know the answer to the question that she was asked. Critics also noted that Harris’ remarks about Los Angeles ports and Build Back Better didn’t answer the question of whether the Biden administration was wrong to call inflation transitory.

Harris’ remarks about inflation in the United States are a prime example of how out of touch the Biden White House is. This administration, time and time again, proves itself to be incapable of acknowledging when mistakes have been made.

There doesn’t seem to be any self-awareness either. The vice president proved as much when she mentioned Build Back Better to end inflation.

Make no mistake. If the federal government passes yet another spending bill, inflation’s going to get even higher. The rampant passing of spending bills led to the current inflation problems in America.