Kamala Harris Spreading Lies On Voting In The United States

Democrats have continuously proven to Americans that they’re not above deceptions, underhanded tricks, and other things along these lines if they believe it will benefit them.

Since getting control of the federal government, the Democrat Party has been rampaged. They’re desperately trying to get more power. Right now, the left’s ultimate endgame is to rig the power structure in America so they can never lose another election or have any of their policies overridden.

It is precisely why the Democrat Party supports packing the Supreme Court with left-wing justices. It’s also the explanation behind the left’s interests in making Washington DC and Puerto Rico the 51st and 52nd states.

The left’s quest for power is endless. However, in one of the last examples, Vice President Kamala Harris has been spreading various falsehoods about voting in the United States, as pointed out by National Review.

At this time, Democrats want to pass a series of voting bills that will ultimately open up US elections to all sorts of corruption and fraud. To be very clear, if Democrats get their way on voting bills, photo ID as a requirement to cast a ballot will cease to be a requirement.

Meanwhile, Democrats will also federalize state-level elections and stop states from taking inactive voters off their voter rolls. Let’s not forget the Democrats’ schemes to make taxpayers fund the campaigns of different left-wing candidates convolutedly.

It is only a fraction of what Democrats want to do with US elections. However, they dare to villainize Republicans who don’t support these measures.

During a CBS News interview, the vice president stated that America would no longer be a role model in the world if the aforementioned measures were not passed into law. Harris likewise repeated the falsehood that Republicans have a vested interest in stopping Americans from voting in elections.

Contrary to what the vice president and other leftists want Americans to believe, voting rights remain alive and well in the United States. It is not racist or wrong to declare that someone should show a photo ID to vote or request a mail-in ballot.

Likewise, nothing nefarious about stating that illegal immigrants should not have a say in the nation’s elections.

Democrats are not trying to pass clean, honest voting bills at the state level. They’re trying to pass legislation that will rig elections in their favor forever. For the sake of America and democracy, Democrats mustn’t succeed in this regard.