Kari Lake Reacts To Arizona Governor’s Race

Many issues have emerged with Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial election. For one thing, tabulation machines in Maricopa County, the largest county in the state, stopped working on the day of the race.

Following this, Arizona’s counting of the vote took nearly seven days. Many Americans across the nation were on guard about this, raising concerns about foul play.

The implications of who was in charge of managing Arizona’s election also cannot be overlooked. Republican Kari Lake was up against Democrat Katie Hobbs. Though Hobbs is also the secretary of state in Arizona, meaning that she was overseeing an election in which she was a candidate.

Many critics deemed this to be a conflict of interest, saying Hobbs should have recused herself. Though on Monday night, multiple outlets declared Hobbs to be the winner of the Arizona governor’s race.

Not Over Yet?
After many debates about the integrity of Arizona’s election, many Americans were disappointed when the race was called for Hobbs. Outlets declaring Hobbs as the winner claimed she secured roughly 20,000 more votes than Lake, confirming the election truly came down to the wire.

However, in the wake of this, Lake delivered a clear and direct response. She noted via Twitter that the people of Arizona can clearly recognize “BS” when it is in front of them.

The call for Hobbs comes despite the Arizona Democrat barely being visible on the campaign trail. While Lake toured statewide, encouraging voters to ask her questions and get to know her, Hobbs’ campaign was much more low-key.

At one point, the Arizona Democrat was grilled by CNN — of all networks — over her refusal to abide by election tradition and debate Lake.

What Happens Now?
Many of Lake’s supporters do not believe this election was run with integrity. Therefore, Lake is facing calls from her base not to concede.

Some reports note that votes in Arizona’s gubernatorial election could very well end up being recounted. At this time, it remains to be seen where Lake goes from here or if she decides to contest the declared outcome via her legal team.

Meanwhile, Democrats took to social media and cheered after this race was called for Hobbs. Hobbs, too, declared victory on social media, alleging that “democracy” was the true winner.