Kari Lake Thanks McEnany For Leadership Against Fake News

Kari Lake is closing strong in her race against Democrat Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to be the next governor of the Grand Canyon State. On Wednesday, the GOP rising star paid a high compliment to Fox News host and former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, telling her that she was a leader in showing Republicans how to deal with the hostile corporate media.

McEnany started the segment including Lake by observing that her press office’s motto was “offense only,” and said she was impressed with a response Lake gave earlier in the week when asked if she would agree to be Trump’s running mate in 2024.

McEnany recounted how Lake responded by saying she was going to be in Arizona not for just four years, but for eight years, “and I’m going to be the fake news media’s worst nightmare.” She told Lake that voters everywhere must respond positively to that message.

Lake told McEnany that she was simply taking a “page out of your playbook.” She thanked the former press secretary for showing others how to “turn the tables on these hypocrites in the fake news.”

Lake said her dad was a football coach who worked with offensive linemen, so she knew to “always be on offense, absolutely.”

A new poll conducted by Phoenix’s FOX10 InsiderAdvantage shows Lake is widening her lead over Hobbs among likely voters. With under two weeks to go to Election Day, Lake is now up by 11 percentage points, 54% to 43%. Only around 2% of likely voters remain undecided.

The poll shows that Lake is rated even higher among Hispanic voters and older adults. Pollster Matt Towery said that Lake’s growing lead is tracking with news in recent weeks that Hobbs continued in her refusal to meet with Lake for a public debate under any terms.

Hobbs has received criticism even from Democrats for her refusal to agree to even a single debate. Michael LaRosa, a former top aide to Jill Biden who now works for a Democrat-affiliated consulting firm, said Hobbs could take lessons from Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman.

Fetterman agreed to debate GOP candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday. Even though it was by all accounts a disaster for Fetterman, he at least got credit for having the courage to step on the stage.