Kari Lake’s Momentum In Arizona Is Growing

In Arizona, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake looks to be a shoo-in. In a race that was once a toss-up against her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, Lake is clearly winning over the people of Arizona.

Lake is running a campaign that puts the needs of Arizonians first. While Hobbs hides from the public and refuses to debate Lake, the latter spent weeks hosting an Ask Me Anything tour.

During this tour, Lake made it clear that her policies involve uplifting parents, bolstering the economy, ending drug trafficking, and securing the southern border. The Arizona Republican also made it clear that she will never cower to the left wing or fake news, regardless of how much they attack her.

This is a key reason why Lake is also now warning about the danger of California-style policies seeping into Arizona.

Don’t California My Arizona
During an interview earlier this week, Lake warned that her opponent is losing because Arizona residents do not want failed policies from California coming into the state. In making this point, Lake also discussed the mandates, inflation, and government control that are failing people at every turn.

Later, the Arizona Republican cautioned that if Hobbs were to get into the governor’s mansion, she would fall right in line with Joe Biden and his disastrous policies.

Lake’s caution against Arizona becoming the next California arrives as she is now leading Hobbs in the polls. With Election Day being days away, Lake is wrapping up her campaign on a strong note by letting voters know all that is at stake.

Increasing Attacks From the Press
Since the onset of Lake’s campaign, the mainstream media has been against her and the America First policies she stands for.

However, once Lake began overtaking Hobbs in the polls, this is when the left-wing attacks became even nastier and more personal. Ultimately, special interest groups do not like Lake holding Hobbs’ feet to the fire and calling out her horrible record.

Finally, the Arizona Republican continues to gain attention for calling out Hobbs’ refusal to debate her. This is so impactful that even CNN’s Don Lemon recently grilled the Arizona Democrat on why she will not get on a debate stage with Lake.

Come November 8, Arizona can look forward to a governor who will fight for them and put people above the elites.