Kash Patel Argues Trump Raid Is Actually Over Documents Linked to Russia Probe

Former Department of Defense chief of staff Kash Patel has asserted that the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago occurred because there were “documents in there that need to be made public, that were never released to the public” regarding the investigation into the Russia Hoax allegations that were made about former President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Monday, Patel cited his time working as an aide to former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who was the chair of the House Intelligence Committee at the time, investigating the Russia Hoax.

“I know this from my time running ‘Russiagate’ for Devin Nunes, and I know we keep going back to it, but I’m trying to bring people back to it because this is what the Mar-a-Lago raid was about,” said Patel, who Trump chose as his representative to work with the National Archives concerning documents.

The former DOD chief of staff’s comments come following an opinion piece published in the Washington Post by left-wing journalist David Ignatius smearing Patel.

In the op-ed, Ignatius refers to Patel as Trump’s “point man” in his fight against the “deep state,” stating that he “has emerged as a chief public exponent of Trump’s claim that he could declassify information, including highly sensitive Russia-probe material, at will.”

Responding to Ignatius’ comments, Patel said that the left-wing journalist knows that the raid of Mar-a-Lago was centered around documents that need to be released to the public and that was “exactly what President Trump was doing when he was being a transparent president.”

Ignatius also tried to attack Patel’s children’s book, “The Plot Against the King,” saying that in it, “the evil Hillary Queenton tries to spread lies against King Donald claiming that he’s working with the Russionians — until a knight called Kash exposes the plot” and said he fears a sequel is coming but it “won’t be a children’s book.”

“He writes about my children’s book, which is hilarious, I think, because I wrote that children’s book at a reading level so he could understand Russiagate, and maybe that’s why he wrote the hit piece and announced my sequel,” Patel said.

He went on to note that, while he and Nunes were publicizing documents, “we’ve always said we got 60% of the Russiagate documents out to the public.”

“That means 40% still has not been shown to the world and we are unable to talk about it, because if we do, of course, the FBI will come after us,” Patel added. “And what President Trump did, he was courageous enough to say, ‘Look, there’s no threat to national security here. I’m declassifying these and also everything related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation along with other things because what they do is they show the FBI and DOJ corruption.’”

He also asserted that the “deep state” is fighting back against the potential declassification via personal attacks and claiming that releasing the documents will destroy national security and relationships with foreign countries.

“Just like when we released the Nunes memo, nothing happened,” Patel said. “The only thing we showed was the extent of government corruption. And here’s the crazy thing, as bad as you thought it was for Russiagate, it is 10 times worse. I firmly believe that the FBI went and conducted this raid because now they get to say, ‘Oh we have an ongoing investigation. You can’t see anything and you won’t be seeing anything from that affidavit.’ You’ll see 98% of black magic marker redaction.”

Meanwhile, Patel noted that the DOJ wants to charge the former president with a crime, and because of this, they will “take it right up to the one-inch line.”

“Maybe there’s a grand jury in Washington crazy enough to do it,” he added. “The only matter the Department of Justice actually listens to from time to time is the public, and the public outcry on this has been massively against them.”

The raid of Mar-a-Lago may “be the biggest boon” for Trump if he decides to run for president in 2024, according to Patel, though he doesn’t believe that an announcement from the former president will come before the upcoming November midterm elections.

“But you know, he’s pretty fired up about all of this stuff and, you know, maybe this coincides with the way America is trending right now,” Patel said. “We’re already gonna get a landslide in the midterms, but you know, every time I think I know what he’s going to do, he shocks you and does something different.”