Kentucky Police Conduct Frantic Search For Missing Infant

Kentucky State Police are conducting a desperate search for Miya Tucker Rudd, an 8-month-old girl who has been missing since April. Miya, who tested positive for meth at birth, was not reported missing by her parents, prompting a thorough investigation and search efforts.

Miya’s parents, Tesla Tucker, 29, and Cage Rudd, 30, along with her grandfather, Ricky Smith, 56, were arrested last week. The arrests followed a police search of a motel room where the parents were found with meth and fentanyl pills in plain view. They falsely claimed that family services had taken Miya, a statement disproved by official records.

Previously, family services had removed Miya’s three older siblings from the home due to drug-related issues, placing them with their maternal grandmother. However, Miya had not been removed by any social services. Family members reported Miya missing on May 30 after realizing they had not seen her since late April.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Cory King remarked, “We have no evidence she’s deceased, but we have no evidence she’s alive, either.” Despite the lack of evidence, authorities continue to hope for Miya’s safe return, though concerns grow as time passes.

The parents and grandfather were charged with child abandonment and fentanyl-related offenses. Additionally, Miya’s grandmother, Billie Smith, 49, was arrested for an active domestic violence warrant, and Timothy Roach, 37, was taken into custody for possession of unprescribed drugs found at her residence.

Miya is described as having brown hair and green eyes. The search for Miya continues as investigators and the community hope for any leads that might bring the missing infant back safely.