Kentucky Republicans Move To Stop BLM From Releasing ‘Violent Offenders’

The ongoing predicament of crime in the United States is nothing to joke around about or take lightly. It’s leading to innocent people being put in danger, losing their lives, and facing many horrors.

Meanwhile, crime upticks have created an environment where many businesses refuse to operate in certain cities. It is understandable. Businesses don’t want to incur losses from mass shoplifters. They also don’t want their employees to be put in harm’s way during smash-and-grab robberies or other episodes.

However, as all of this plays out, Black Lives Matter is still doing its best to get violent offenders freed from prison and put back on the streets with civil society. Black Lives Matter demonstrated this when it paid a $100,000 bail for attempted killer Quintez Brown.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Republicans in Kentucky are working to prevent similar instances like this from happening again.

Kentucky GOP lawmakers John Blanton and Jason Nemes have proposed legislation to halt groups like Black Lives Matter from turning criminals loose upon the community.

One bill would bar bail funds from anyone aside from individuals with slight offenses. Bail funds would likewise be mandated to report the beneficiaries of the capital, along with the charges, money paid, and a series of other metrics.

There’s more, though. Both Republican legislators likewise support legislation that would permit Kentucky judges to stop dangers to the community and individuals believed to have engaged in egregious crime from receiving bail altogether.

Although Kentucky has a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion, the legislature is under the control of 75% Republicans. It means the GOP has enough power in the state legislature to make these bills come to fruition, even if Governor Andy Beshear doesn’t support them.

However, Kentucky Republicans are still hopeful for bipartisan support regarding the unfolded events.

As Democrats like the New York Governor and others around the national champion, “bail reform” it’s allowing dangerous individuals to be out and about, free to harm whoever they choose.

The fact of the matter is that individuals who choose to engage in horrific, violent crimes should not be given bail and free to continue their reign of terror. As much as Democrats don’t like it, it’s not reasonable for society to treat criminals with kid gloves and expect everything to be fine.