Kevin McCarthy Goes “All In” For GOP Midterm Victories

With each day that passes, the November midterm elections get nearer. Republicans are fast to win these elections. The polls say so, as does the growing rejection of leftist policies.

Right now, Americans are reaching out to voters to communicate that a different leadership style can happen once Democrats are out of the House and Senate majorities.

This leadership entails freedom, business-friendly reforms, low taxes, limited government, and more. Meanwhile, as Democrats attempt to get voters to stand by them in November, they’re only promoting the same failed policies that Americans are more than sick of.

When it comes to the midterms, despite the odds leaning in Republicans’ favor, the GOP is still very hard at work to win these races, as reported by RedState. It explains why House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is getting all hands on deck to ensure the GOP wins in November.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is being turned to for counsel by McCarthy. In light of Gingrich’s history as a GOP House leader, his insight can be immensely invaluable to the Republican Party at this time.

Thus far, the former House Speaker maintains that communication is essential for Republicans between now and November. This communication needs to entail showing voters the failures of big government and then expressing the steps Republicans will take to solve problems.

Gingrich also made a point of noting that momentum is ultimately on the side of the political right at this time. The former House Speaker made this point before referencing the win of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin was sworn into office earlier this month. Yet, he won the Virginia gubernatorial election in November 2021. Youngkin’s victory came despite Virginia being under left-wing authority for more than one decade. It also arrived notwithstanding Youngkin running against a Democrat who previously served as the commonwealth’s governor.

At this point, Republicans must stay the course, continue communicating with voters, and show how GOP majorities in the House and Senate will make Americans’ lives better.

A red wave will likely sweep the United States in November. However, this should cause Republicans to fall into the trap of getting complacent.

Democrats, sensing their approaching demise and loss of power, are getting more desperate by the second. Therefore, they will employ anything they believe they can get away with to avoid losing.

The 2022 elections may very well be some of the most impactful races this country has ever seen.