King Biden Ignores Press While Boris Johnson Holds Court With UK Reporters

The White House had a press corps snafu that turned into an international diplomatic row. President Joe Biden had a slight embarrassment while meeting for the cameras with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the week. Johnson began calling on the U.K. press pool, taking questions from reporters. The White House journalists, thinking it was a press conference, began calling the president to ask questions and rebuffed.

The salty access journalists whined directly to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who reportedly told them to beat it. “That’s absurd,” a reporter was heard complaining as he left the room with Biden and Johnson, “Two British reporters get questions, and we don’t get anything.” In Washington DC, everyone is a hog shouldering up to the trough and always unhappy that there’s never enough.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

The Joe Biden administration, rather than just saying the president didn’t want to take questions and leaving it at that, tried to throw our country’s longtime ally, the U.K., under the bus, and blame Boris Johnson for their insecurity about their president’s complete inability to do his job, and the endless need to be sheltered from the press to avoid having to be accountable to the American people for what his administration is doing to us.

It’s not even a big deal. Biden didn’t take questions. Again. Like Joe Biden always doesn’t take questions. He’s not a transparent president, just like Hillary Clinton would not have been. He’s a figurehead, a puppet, a warm 78-year-old butt to go in the seat in the Oval Office to satisfy the requirements of ceremony and the constitution. In contrast, the elite and deep state bureaucrats go on about their business as usual harassing and plundering good, decent, hardworking, productive people for their ill-gotten largesse and worldly glory.

They had to say that he was the president who was just there for pictures at that event and not to ask questions. Suppose the U.K. prime minister wants to take questions, that’s fine. Our president doesn’t have to do what their prime minister does just because he does it. But instead, they had to make it out like your boy BoJo was doing something wrong.

Jen Psaki said, “Well, I think, in that circumstance, and I think our relationship with the United Kingdom and with Prime Minister Johnson is so strong and abiding we will be able to move forward beyond this.” Girl, you’re putting the special relationship with Britain on blast? No one was questioning that. She brought it up, saying the relationship is in jeopardy because Joe Biden can’t take questions. 

They acted like Donald Trump was dangerously anti-journalism because he told the truth that most journalists are the enemy of the American people. But the Joe Biden administration has genuinely been the least transparent, most question-skirting, reporting-ducking, press conference not-having bunch of White House vultures we’ve seen up there in a long time.