LA Diners Robbed At Gunpoint: ‘Violence Rising In Joe Biden’s Chaotic America’

A shocking story that leaves in question whether any of us are safe on the streets of Biden’s America. Los Angeles diners at a cafe on Melrose Avenue were robbed in broad daylight by assailants brandishing firearms.

The harrowing moment happened over the week and was caught on a surveillance camera. CCTV footage shows diners sitting and watching astonished as the armed thieves rifled through shopping bags in broad daylight on Melrose Avenue.

The pair of armed robbers also checked the pockets of one of the diners, and a woman dropped her cellphone, and one of the thieves picked it up and put it in a bag. After about 20 seconds, the suspects fled.

The cafe owner said, “The mayor and the governor need to step up and do their job properly.” Crime has plagued the area around Melrose Avenue, according to the shop owner.

In August, a sneaker store employee was fatally shot by a 16-year-old suspect, who was arrested the next day. He was slain while attempting to mediate a raffle disagreement. The slaying took place blocks away from the cafe that got robbed this week.

California Governor Gavin Newsom appears poised to defeat the attempt to recall him Tuesday. Still, his administration will remain rattled by the recall effort and have to start taking California crime and homelessness, among other problems in the state, more seriously.

In addition to the state’s woeful budgetary finances, mismanaged prison and school systems, and overbearing, over-burdensome, tax and spend government, the crime, drug addiction, and homelessness plaguing some of the richest, otherwise most beautiful cities in the world are what brought the governor to fending off a recall election this year.

Not to mention Covid-19 and how badly Newsom clobbered individual freedom, the rule of law, and the economy in California by giving in to the most hysterical and sensational elements of the news media coverage shaping the public’s view of coronavirus.

And that’s why violence has been on the rise in America’s cities since last year, not just in Los Angeles, but all over the United States in Seattle, Chicago, and New York City. The government stepped in like never before last year, exercising completely unrestrained emergency executive powers. When it did, the forces arrayed to get Joe Biden elected in November sowed chaos and disorder.

They filled people with fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the future. They caused people’s time preference to increase to the point of dysfunctional immaturity. They ruined their economic prospects and left them with nothing better to do but burn and loot their cities in anti-police riots and mail in their ballot for Biden, of course, which was the entire point of the whole sordid, devastating spectacle.

When you act like the world is coming to an end this hard, you run the risk of the worst elements of society taking you seriously, and going out to engage in risky and sometimes even violent, anti-social behaviors. Leadership sets the entire tone, and sadly events like this are more common now in Joe Biden’s America.