LA Voters Aim to Make Gascon Next

San Francisco voters this week sent another shock wave through the radical leftists’ world, and Los Angeles is poised to deliver another strong blow. The overwhelming success of the Bay Area’s rejection of radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin is a clear warning to his LA counterpart.

In the words of George Gascon’s own top prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami, “The people of Los Angeles have had enough.”

Like Boudin, Gascon, in November 2020, rode a wave of emotional and guilt-ridden votes following protests over the George Floyd murder into office. Mistakenly taking this as a mandate to burn down the criminal justice system, the new DA sprang into action.

On his first day, he ended his pursuit of the death penalty, sentencing enhancements for gang affiliation and other reasons, and trying juveniles as adults even for the most heinous crimes. The results of these remarkably anti-victim and pro-criminal policies were predictable.

Also like Boudin, Gascon blames everyone and everything except his addled progressive policies for the city’s crime surge. Suspects include COVID-19, out-of-town Republicans, the 2nd Amendment, over-policing — now that’s a good one — and poverty.

Give him time, and it’ll be Putin’s fault.

The campaign to push him out announced just days ago it had passed 500,000 signatures supporting the move. Supporters need 66,000 more verified signatures by July 6 to have the recall put to voters in the November midterm election.

As many signatures will not make it through the verification process, organizers believe they need as many as 800,000. The threshold of 566,000 represents 10% of the current number of registered voters in the district.

In a remarkable sign of the times, nearly every candidate for the Beverly Hills City Council supports the Gascon recall.

A recent poll of registered voters in the Democratic stronghold of Long Beach found over 45% back the recall effort for Gascon.

The progressive DA still has a base of support, though it’s not likely to appear in his campaign advertising.

One California gang member facing murder charges in a 2021 home invasion robbery can read the writing on the wall. Willie Wilkerson was recorded pleading with his mother to get a plea deal before Gascon is potentially recalled. She’d better hurry.