Large Companies Are Able to Learn From Disney’s Mistakes

In 2022, things have gotten ugly for Disney. The company made headlines several weeks back when it attacked Florida for passing the Parental Rights in Education law.

Very simply, this law ensures that young children aren’t taught about things like gender identity and other related matters which they’re not capable of understanding.

Nevertheless, Disney completely blew the Parental Rights in Education law out of proportion. They began attacking the measure, along with the state of Florida, in general, for passing it.

Since then, Disney’s faced swift backlash from parents, the state of Florida, consumers, and others who don’t believe children should be taught about the intricacies of gender politics.

In addition to this, Disney’s taken some heat from its own shareholders and lost the business privileges that it previously enjoyed in Florida. However, what happened to Disney can be a learning lesson for other companies, as documented by The Federalist.

Where Disney Went Wrong
As a company, Disney’s brand is about fairy tales, not politics. However, this didn’t stop the company from admonishing Florida and misrepresenting its bill. Disney did this to score points with the woke left; yet, it ultimately backfired on them.

Other companies can learn from Disney’s mistakes by not repeating its errors. One huge way of doing this is not listening to Democrats who insist on large, apolitical companies taking controversial stances on hot-button political or social issues.

This is precisely the trap that Disney fell into. At this time, there’s no telling how much time will need to pass before they’re able to recover. In the meantime, the company has managed to alienate many parents in pursuit of its agenda to please radical left-wingers.

A Good Rule of Thumb For US Companies
Many big businesses today have no connection to politics. Their products, services, and brands are not tied to Republicans, Democrats, liberals or conservatives.

Just from a business standpoint, it doesn’t make sense for large companies to annoy a sizable section of their customer base with political grandstanding. If companies are able to learn from Disney’s errors, they can avoid the same fate as the once-loved business.

Time will tell whether or not companies learn from Disney’s errors and make sure they don’t repeat them. With that being said, there is a growing pattern of companies who take woke positions eventually losing serious revenue.

The future of businesses in the United States depends entirely upon them and their actions.