Latino Media Network Being Scrutinized Over Radio Purchasing Deal

Across the United States, the Republican Party has been making massive inroads with Hispanic and Latino voters. This is clear based on consistent polling patterns and other data, such as votes that went to former President Trump.

Naturally, the GOP’s success with Hispanic and Latino voters poses a significant threat to the Democrat Party. Democrats remain heavily reliant on votes from minorities in order to win elections; however, these are the very same voters that Democrats are steadily losing.

As a means of fixing this, the George Soros-funded group known as Latino Media Network is working to buy out 18 different radio stations that are geared towards Hispanic and Latino communities.

It’s worth noting that these radio stations also just so happen to have conservative messages reaching Hispanics and Latinos across the country.

GOP lawmakers aren’t letting the Latino Media Network just skate by effortlessly with these buyouts. In fact, multiple Republicans have pressed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take a closer look at this plan.

Republicans to the FCC on Latino Media Network
GOP Sens. Rick Scott (R-FL), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Tom Cotton (R-AK), and others penned a letter to the FCC warning the Latino Media Network is trying to micromanage what information Hispanic communities have access to.

These lawmakers noted the ties that Latino Media Network has to George Soros’ funding, warning the buyout is a partisan strategy to push left-wing views on Latino communities and silence conservative voices.

Republican senators also warned that foreign capital could be involved in Latino Media Network’s buyout deal, something that would directly go against FCC regulations. As it stands, the FCC does not permit US radio stations to be owned by foreign entities.

Both the “scale” and the “speed” of Latino Media Network’s buyouts were cited by Republican lawmakers as reasons for the FCC to closely review what’s happening.

Control of Information
The current work to buy out radio stations geared towards Hispanic and Latino communities is not the left’s first attempt to control available information.

The White House was once pushing a Disinformation Governance Board. The only reason it’s not in effect today is due to mass backlash and scrutiny from the public.

On top of this, Democrats have been deeming any information they don’t like or agree with online as “misinformation” that ought to be taken down from the internet altogether.

If the FCC does review Latino Media Network’s buyout deal and discovers that it’s not above board, this will be a major win for both conservatives and free speech in general.