Law Professor Claims Former Student Will Indict Trump

Harvard law professor emeritus Lawrence Tribe was interviewed on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront”, where he claimed that his former student, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, will indict Former President Donald Trump.

Tribe was commenting on the January 6 hearing from which claims are being made that Trump encouraged violence against Vice President Mike Pence before the Capitol protests — a demonstrably false claim. The professor went on to claim that Garland is being meticulous in his preparation for a case against Trump.

Garland has stated that he and his staff are paying close attention to the hearings. In a press conference regarding gun control, the attorney general refused to elaborate on his personal feelings about a potential indictment, citing the long-standing tradition of the Department of Justice not commenting regarding ongoing investigations.

Democrat observers have started to become vocally frustrated at the pace of Garland’s investigation into Trump. They are concerned that he may not indict Trump, if at all, before the mid-terms. There is a traditional sixty-day window before the election where the DOJ typically does not bring indictments, for fear of impacting elections. Cynics may argue that Garland is waiting until the midterms get closer for maximum political effect.

Trump’s endorsement has been responsible for pushing many candidates to victory during the primary season. If he were to campaign for candidates directly leading up to November’s election it could swing the results. Therefore, democrats like Tribe are desperate for formal accusations against Trump to be able to smear him and blunt his effectiveness.

The left is indirectly attempting to accomplish this goal through the January 6 hearings. Unfortunately for them, the public is barely paying attention, as ratings cratered after the first day of hearings. If Garland does indeed indict Trump, you can expect that there will be fireworks.