Lawrence O’Donnell Proposes Radical Debate Change To Aid Biden

In a controversial move, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell has suggested that presidential candidates be allowed to have their staff on stage during debates. This proposal comes in the wake of President Joe Biden’s underwhelming debate performance against former President Donald Trump, raising questions about Biden’s ability to handle the pressure alone.

O’Donnell’s proposal includes allowing candidates to confer with their staff throughout the debate, with all conversations being audible to the audience. “Allow the candidates to have as many staff as they want on stage, all with microphones,” O’Donnell said. “We should hear everything they say to see if the candidate has competent or incompetent staff.”

O’Donnell argued that this setup would better reflect the collaborative nature of the presidency, where advisors frequently provide information and guidance. He even suggested that staff members could answer questions on behalf of the candidates, similar to how cabinet members respond on the president’s behalf.

The proposal has sparked significant debate and criticism, with many suggesting that it primarily aims to assist Biden, who has faced scrutiny over his cognitive abilities. Critics argue that the essence of debates is to assess the candidates’ knowledge and ability to respond independently.

Biden and Trump are set to debate again in September, and O’Donnell’s radical idea has added a new dimension to the discussions on debate formats.