Leaked Memo Shows Joe Biden Lied In Afghanistan Presser About Agreement With G7 Countries


President Joe Biden’s unfulfilled promises are just as bad as his cognitive decline. Biden’s campaign promises were to heal the Black American communities and his great expectation of good foreign policies. His pledges to world leaders haven’t been met. At the G7 Summit earlier this year, Biden claimed to have had a great conversation with leaders and may have over-promised a couple of things.

According to the Red State, Biden had a memo leaked that promised G7 Summit leaders that the United States would keep enough U.S. military troops in Kabul to maintain security. It went haywire, and you can see the results when Parliament held Biden in contempt. That means the world is paying attention to Biden’s incompetence, and it seems they’re encouraging the United States to take action and impeach him.

The world leaders were happy with Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan, but they couldn’t have predicted how things would turn out. The more important point of all this is that Biden promised the American people that the withdrawal from Afghanistan would succeed. Biden’s contingencies were nonexistent. It’s obvious. If contingencies were in place, then the United States military would have already changed tactics.

It goes further than Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, a huge women’s rights activist, promised that women in Afghanistan would be safe, and that’s not true. She had a lot to do with the decisions made and will not walk away unharmed. Harris is meeting with Vietnam and Saigon leaders to talk about critical issues while the Afghanistan debacle is unfolding, but she’s been silent on the subject. What she’s doing is trying to distance herself, and it’s not a surprise. She knows that soon she’ll be President when Biden is inevitably forced to resign.

Biden treats the Presidency like a club where he can tell Americans whatever he wants to without any recourse. Biden’s idea that he’s the most popular president has gotten to his head and skewed his vision about the future of our country.

Everyone has every right to be upset with Biden and hold him accountable worldwide. Afghanistan doesn’t only affect the United States, but it seems that Biden thinks it does. From a geographic perspective, Afghanistan is much more likely to directly affect the surrounding countries initially and affect the United States further down the road. Yes, the Taliban has been involved in terrorism in the United States, but the security of other countries is just as important as the United States.

China isn’t upset at all. The Chinese government was the first to recognize the Taliban as a governmental power, terrifying officially. China will use the Taliban as their fall guy, just as the Democrats use Biden as their fall guy. It’s about to get ugly on the world stage if American don’t act fast.