Left Claims Online Harassment Is To Blame For Colorado Shooting Amid Shooter’s Newly Revealed LGBTQ+ Status

The Colorado shooter has come out as “non-binary,” and the left has shifted the blame off Republicans for now. Leftwing radicals have been suggesting that the shooting is the right’s fault for not allowing the sexualization of children, which provoked the killings. But suddenly, news dropped that the killer would go by “they/them” pronouns in court, which changed the entire narrative.

Nancy Pelosi already proclaimed MAGA Republicans responsible, and the White House blamed a right-wing for alleged “LGBT+ hate.” News anchors also joined in on the “blame the Republicans spree,” making accusations at Breitbart and Libs of TikTok. But the narrative had to be swiftly shifted once news that the shooter was not a Trump-lover or a Christian conservative.

As usual, instead of admitting errors, Leftists are now defending the shooter. The new narrative seems to focus on the alleged online abuse Aldrich suffered after his family legally attempted to change his name when he was 15 years old. The online bullying, which consisted of race and pedophilia claims against Aldrich, sent him into a spiral prompting him to alter his identity. Additionally, his family wanted to send him to Japan to “keep him safe.”

So, Aldrich can’t be blamed for the shooting now, right? He belongs to a privileged class on the left and doesn’t fit into the right boxes that allow the Republicans to be blamed. Republicans are usually blamed for every mass shooting letting the left call for mass gun control. Conveniently, the killings are blamed on online bullies instead.

It may be essential to consider that the bullying occurred seven years ago. But according to the left mental illness couldn’t possibly be the reason for the shooting despite his alleged incident of kidnapping his own family a year ago. The very old bullying is definitely the reason Aldrich shot up a nightclub. The left is so insistent on blaming the right that they are willing to defend the mass murderer.

This revelation has led to another shift in “gender identity” standards. For years, the left has said misgendering anyone for any reason is bigotry, even when it comes to males attempting transfers into female prisons. Until now, their “identity” had to be respected and never questioned. But in this instance, some on the left suggest that the killer is lying to defend himself against hate crime charges.

Aldrich is charged with five counts of first-degree murder and should be put away for life without parole. The hate-crime charges against him are not very relevant. Plus, attorneys aren’t going to risk their careers knowingly lying for the defendant. There is also evidence of his identity bullying in the past since it’s all online. His status as “non-binary” is a more reasonable explanation for the club shooting than suggesting he is a MAGA Christian conservative.