Left-Wing Critic Admits ‘My Son Hunter’ Showed The Truth

The Independent, a British left-wing newspaper, wrote a predictably negative review of ‘My Son Hunter’ — but buried within the review, the author admitted that the movie had taught him things that he didn’t previously know about the corruption of the Biden family.

The reviewer, Louis Chilton, called the movie a “bald-faced work of conservative agitprop,” but waited until the seventh paragraph of his review to reluctantly admit that he actually learned from it.

“No matter how laughable My Son Hunter is, there is at least a soupçon of reality to it. Several times, the film had me rushing to Google, where I discovered that this or that piece of unflattering Biden trivia was in fact rooted in truth,” Chilton wrote.

His admission exactly fits the message of My Son Hunter — that the mainstream media successfully buried negative news stories about the Biden family, and have deliberately kept the public in the dark about their shady business deals.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 63% of likely voters believe that the Hunter Biden laptop story is still important almost two years after the initial report came out from the New York Post. Out of those 63% of voters, 44% stated that the story is “very important.”

A different poll revealed that one in six Biden voters said they would not have voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election if they had been aware of the scandals surrounding Biden and his family, especially Hunter Biden’s laptop. Of course, the mainstream media made sure that these voters would not see the story — claiming that it was “Russian disinformation” and suppressing it, with the help of Big Tech platforms that also banned and restricted the story’s reach before the 2020 election.

Watch the trailer for the My Son Hunter movie below: