Leftist Media Outlets Irate Over “Let’s Go Brandon” Quip Directed At Biden

During a phone call with NORAD last week, Joe Biden spoke to a caller for the holidays. Towards the end of this conversation, the Santa-tracking caller wished the 46th president a Merry Christmas before saying, “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Immediately, Biden made an outright fool of himself by saying the phrase back and then declaring that he agrees with it. The president of the United States is living under a rock because just about everyone knows Let’s Go Brandon is a PG way of insulting Biden.

Nevertheless, leftist media outlets are now enraged. Yet, as RedState points out, this newfound sanctimony of the biased press is laughable.

NBC News referred to Let’s Go Brandon as a “slur” against Biden. Meanwhile, other leftists doxxed the caller, releasing his address, the names of his family members, and so on. All of this shows the ultimate abusive yet cowardly and hypocritical nature of the left.

Throughout the entirety of the time Donald Trump was president, leftists slurred, cursed, and swore at (and about) him. They called the 45th president everything but a child of God. Yet, these very same people are now clutching their pearls over a caller telling Biden, “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Here’s the bottom line: “Let’s Go Brandon” is free speech protected by the United States Constitution. The faux moral outrage from the leftover Let’s Go Brandon might be slightly more believable if leftists treated Trump with the respect they claim conservatives should show to Biden.

That’s the problem with Democrats, though. They do not live by the codes they say other people should follow. Leftists have no problem bullying, tarnishing, and attacking others. However, they have an issue when the shoe is on the other foot.

Many people, including Biden himself, have spoken about restoring unity to the country. But this is a promise the 46th president has broken.

Nevertheless, the political climate in this country is getting to a place where we may have already passed the point of no return.

Leftists in 2021 have become authoritarian bullies who insist that their viewpoints, choices, and beliefs are the only good things. There’s no tolerance on the left. Only the drive and agenda to force into submission anyone who disagrees.

It is proven by their treatment of the Santa-tracker caller who poked fun at Biden by saying “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Quite frankly, there’s no telling what 2022 might have in store.