Leftists Are Now Ensuring Their Own Destruction

There’s no happy ending to the story when bad policies, incompetent leaders, and altogether ignorance are combined. Yet, this combination has become a microcosm of what the Democrat Party is today.

Leftists have shown they have absolutely no understanding of ensuring economic success, let alone an even mundane grasp on basic economics. People like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi believe that inflation will go away if the federal government passes enough spending bills.

Let’s not also forget the outright war leftists have declared against parents. The Justice Department went after parents at the request of the Biden administration, labeling them as domestic terrorists for wanting to be involved in their own children’s education and school board meetings.

Despite all the damage America is enduring because of left-wing Democrats, it is all finally beginning to catch up with them, as documented by American Thinker.

The Democrat Party has no legitimate or substantive foundation to stand on. It explains why tensions are now arising between the College Democrats of America and the Democratic National Committee.

These tensions have escalated to such extremes that the DNC is thinking of essentially disowning the College Democrats of America. All this discord ultimately boils down to the latter facing accusations of “Islamophobia, ” along with claims they are anti-Semitic and anti-black.

Screenshotted posts from College Democrats have led to one person stepping down from a political campaign and the organization taking heat from Jewish and Muslim groups.

Now, it appears as though the Democratic National Committee doesn’t want to be tainted by anything of this. They are therefore considering the severance of any ties between themselves and the College Democrats of America.

Believe it or not, the strained relationship between the Democratic National Committee and the College Democrats of America directly parallels tensions happening between the Biden administration and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Like the Democratic National Committee, the Biden administration has concerns about Harris’s long-term future as someone affiliated with them. Therefore, since last week, there have been reports that Biden is looking into having Harris replaced as his vice president.

All in all, whether it’s the Democratic National Committee vs. the College Democrats of America or Biden vs. Harris, it couldn’t be plainer that the political left is in shambles.

Nevertheless, the current state of the Democrat Party all boils down to the choices, leadership, and policies they’ve chosen to embrace this year. Their chickens are finally coming home to roost.