Leftists Force Mass Third World Immigration By Deceiving Us Into Feeling Guilty

Milton Friedman, an economist, was a libertarian who advocated for open borders. He continued that it is self-evident that unrestricted immigration cannot coexist with a welfare state. Naturally, possessing both results in immediate national bankruptcy. Indeed, leftists utilize fabricated historical narratives to instill such a sense of guilt in native-born Americans that they happily open the gates to individuals who will irrevocably drain the nation’s wealth. In a previous article, “Guilt: The Source of Sorrow” in America’s Classrooms, M.E Boyd said that the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment provides complete due process and equal protection to anybody who enters US territory.

Moreover, Illegal aliens who are declared “disabled” are entitled to an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). States have a legal obligation to identify such children and ensure they get an IEP. The IEP is analogous to the 1990 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. However, there is now a significant psychological divide between what we see with our own eyes (reality), what we experience in our lives (empiricism), what common sense tells us (a sort of truth), and what we are meant to see, feel, and know (false belief). We are told that everything is correct and is an expression of our beliefs. 

Certain human beings are capable of creating a reality merely by asserting that it exists. Michael Wolraich stated that for these individuals, 12,000 people living beneath a Texas bridge do not exist. Numerous critics have labeled these remarks “lies” due to their flagrant falsity. Nonetheless, M.E. Boyd asserts that the explanation lies in the 14th Amendment’s language, granting citizenship to anyone born in the United States. The Amendment was intended to confer citizenship on free blacks and former slaves alike. In addition, the effect of the federal welfare state is that non-citizens immediately qualify for the same privileges.

Along with the powerful government consciously crafting their reality, people have immigration legislation that enables significant immigration of individuals raised in difficult-to-assimilate cultures. Rather than a “melting pot” culture, America fosters the development of a “tribal pot” of various identity groupings. Therefore, on a practical level, because amending the 14th Amendment is so tricky, Congress must repeal Hart-Celler and replace it with legislation that provides a several-year breathing interval to assess the harm. Halt immigration for a brief period; this would resolve the issue.