Leftists Making ‘Troubling Moves’ To Control People’s Money

At the heart of the leftist agenda is the desire to control others. Control begets power, and leftists will leave absolutely no stone unturned in their quest to control how people live their lives and move through the world.

Of course, one of the leading strategies employed by the left in the quests for power is claiming they’re acting on behalf of the greater good. Leftists did this when they implemented various lockdowns.

Although, since these lockdowns, data from Johns Hopkins University showed just how utterly useless and inefficient lockdowns were in saving lives earlier this year.

More people are waking up and pushing back against the inherently oppressive nature of leftist agendas. It explains why left-wing leaders are now getting desperate and trying to target individuals via their money, as The Federalist points out.

This month, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a temper tantrum when truckers in his country protested against his autocratic vaccine mandates.

This temper tantrum led to Trudeau unleashing martial law and freezing the bank accounts of anyone who participated in or even donated to the freedom trucker convoy.

Since then, some more conservative members of the Canadian parliament have moved to lift the bank account freezes. However, the reality that things even got this far in Canada speaks volumes.

Then, here in America, Biden, too, has been adamantly working to control Americans by giving the government greater access to citizens’ bank accounts.

One of the key provisions in the failed Build Back Better Act involved hiring 80,000 new IRS agents and giving these agents the power to get reports on bank accounts with more than $10,000 in annual balances or transactions. It covers virtually every single American with a bank account today.

While this IRS provision has failed, Biden isn’t completely giving up due to the Build Back Better Act not having the votes to pass the Senate. He’s already pushing for stronger cryptocurrency regulations as a means of putting the squeeze on everyday Americans.

Leftists like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden will always feign self-righteousness and act as if their intentions are benign. However, the onus lies on everyone else to critically assess these leaders and see through their lies.

If there’s anything we all should learn from this, it’s that electing these power-hungry leftists into office is never a sound idea. They’re always going to play nice and pretend to be the good guys, although it’s after being elected that their truly insidious natures are always revealed.