Let’s Go Brandon Is Officially An Unstoppable Force

Much to the ire of the White House, Let’s Go Brandon is an unstoppable force in the United States of America. In November, a reporter asked the White House press secretary what the president thinks of Let’s Go, Brandon. Jen Psaki’s response was quite typical.

According to Psaki, Let’s Go Brandon is not a matter that Biden spends his energy paying any mind to. Yet, this is the problem with this president.

Biden never pays attention. He is never in tune with the issues that Americans are focused on. Case and point: just last week, Biden went to Minnesota to promote his infrastructure law. Meanwhile, polls show inflation and the economy are the top concerns of the populace.

The 46th president’s disconnect, stupidity, and destructive policies are all the more reasons why Let’s Go Brandon is now a nationwide movement. As Fox Business reports, Let’s Go Brandon has officially reached a new level.

Americans who have grown to love Let’s Go Brandon will be pleased to learn about the Let’s Go Brandon store that is now open and available to the public in the North Attleboro area of Massachusetts.

This store is an ideal place for patriots to visit. It sells mugs, shirts, banners, flags, and other merchandise that says Let’s Go, Brandon. The shop won’t be easy to miss, either. Outside the store are an assortment of flags with checkers resembling car racing.

Believe it or not, the new Let’s Go Brandon store is far from the only way in which Americans are getting more inventive with this anti-Biden rallying cry. In Fosston, Minnesota, Palubicki’s Family Market has Let’s Go Brandon wafers that can be purchased.

Likewise, Second Amendment supporters can also make the most of Let’s Go, Brandon. At this time, there are a series of rifles and gun parts with Let’s Go Brandon on them, thanks to various gun makers.

Democrats (the same people who spent the entirety of Trump’s presidency calling him everything but a child of God) are seething over Let’s Go, Brandon.

They resent the strong momentum behind this movement so much that leftist Democrat Gloria Johnson said Let’s Go Brandon is akin to setting the US flag on fire.

Here’s the truth of the matter, though: Let’s Go Brandon is a result of the president Democrats helped put into office. Let’s Go Brandon results from a lawless president trying to ram his authoritarianism on the nation and being outraged about Americans who are fighting back.

Enough is enough. Democrats will have to learn to deal with Let’s Go Brandon because it’s not ending anytime soon.