‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Tunes Ubiquity Detonates As Media Crack Out

We know why you love “Let’s go, Brandon!” 

It is a clean substitute for the more vulgar and rancid insults that pass for a political speech at college football games and NASCAR races. Look, we get it, America is mad, and many of you want to tell everyone about it. The coarsening of American culture aside, this is the state of politics in this country. The anti-president Joe Biden, Democrats Rashida Tlaib, Chuck Schumer, and Republican Dick Cheney, among others, gave a good F in tweets or on camera. 

And while it was amusing for a time, the new generation of insult memes is here to stay. It is because “Let’s go Brandon” not only mocks Joe Biden in a sideways manner but scorns the media for their craven attempts to cover for him. 

Riffing off of the crowd noise during an NBC NASCAR interview with Kelli Stavast, who must be hard of hearing. She claimed that they were serenading Talladega race-winning driver Brandon Brown when it is clear they are chanting “F Joe Biden.”

“Let’s go Brandon” has become the anthem of Biden’s adversaries. Republican Representative Bill Posey (FL) said, “Let’s go Brandon” on the House floor, and Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have tweeted the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon.

Now pearl-clutching leftists feign shock over “Let’s go, Brandon” when they are the cause of our national demise and celebrate all manner of profanity and wickedness. Rap music is being celebrated in the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show. But they want to pretend that they are the arbitrators of all that is good in the world. 

The liberal media’s inflated and distorted view of their self-importance is a mental sickness. Are they sickened and upset with “Let’s Go, Brandon” statements, shouts, and songs?

A Southwest pilot ended his flight with “Let’s Go, Brandon!” and some left-wing media buffoons want you to believe that this is a profoundly risky expression. They think that you do not know that it is a viral expression of disgust with Joe Biden. But the media thinks that reprimanding Joe Biden is terrible.

This entire controversy is the beclowning media that are too dumb to realize that they are getting punked. 

These idiots want Americans to believe that Hitler would say “Let’s Go, Brandon!” in between spitting hatred for Jews, starting wars, and demanding loyalty to the fatherland. 

There are four anti-Biden rap songs with “Let’s Go Brandon” in the title and lyrics on the iTunes top 10 U.S. music list, according to PopVortex. 

“Let’s Go Brandon” songs are rising to the highest-rated spots on numerous music platforms and charts. “Let’s Go Brandon” by Bryson Gray (including Tyson James and Chandler Crump) kept its lock on the top spot. Grey is on the outs with YouTube because he is opposed to vaccine mandates and the branch COVID-ian cult. 

Rapper Loza Alexander held the 2nd, 5th, and 6th spots with varied songs on the iTunes Top 10 Music. Godz Child added his version of the Alexander loop, which has gone viral on TikTok. More “Let’s Go Brandon” songs pop up on iTunes, recorded by Topher, D.Cure, and the Marine Rapper. English crooner Adele’s “Easy on Me” and country star Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” are competing in the Top 10. 

CNN wacko reporter Asha Rangappa said that a pilot who says “Let’s Go Brandon” is akin to someone yelling “long live ISIS.” Firstly, the phrase uttered by terrorists who hijacked planes is “Allahu Akbar.” Secondly, no one who expresses disgust for the economic, social, and cultural crises caused by Joe Biden is murdering people.