‘Let’s Go Brandon!’: State Dept Touts Int’l Pronouns Day, Patriots List Theirs

Joe Biden’s criminally derelict State Department could be worrying about why it let so many people die in the Afghanistan withdrawal right now.

But instead, it’s worrying about making sure all of us are pretending, along with this generation’s pathetic cadre of delusional fools, that they are advancing social progress by altering the fundamental mechanics of the English language to accommodate their perverted masturbatory fantasies.

And they walked right into the blowback they got on Twitter when they recently announced a completely made-up holiday: “International Pronouns Day.”

How can we not take a swing when the U.S. Department of State tees us up like this?: “Today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles.” Okay, I’ll bite, State. Why do you think they do that?

“They see sharing pronouns as a way of getting to know someone.”

Oh really? We have a word for that in English, and it isn’t a pronoun: “Hi.” That’s been working just fine since the 15th century, the earliest the word “Hi” is attested.

But here’s something off State’s website that is closer to the real reason why the State Department and these prolonged adolescence mongers want to change English:

“Knowing and using someone’s pronouns avoids accidentally assuming an incorrect gender based on a name or an appearance.”

Still, though, it’s a lie. Most people who put their pronouns on their profile will never be in danger of someone incorrectly guessing the sex they were born as and that they identify as. And they state it matter of factly like this is just some common sense ice breaker they came up with randomly to help ease social interactions. 

They completely ignore how fraught with socio-political controversy what they’re doing is. They fail to acknowledge the controversy and fail to address it. They will keep ramming these pathetically physical-obsessed, out-cultural priorities down our throats if we don’t dare to start calling this all that it is. 

Typically, average Americans who want to be honest and typical, not fake and deviant, are the ones who are already beginning to marginalize as deviants and as some oppressors or something.

Even making jokes about pronouns, when it is your job to make jokes, and you are a professional at the very top of your industry, draws fire from the radical left. Because this isn’t about having friendly conversations, it’s a hostile takeover of your culture.

So MAGA Twitter did well this week to hit back at these bullies with insults in a language most of them will never be able to understand jokes. One user tweeted: “My pronouns are Let’s Go / Bradon. Please chant them only.”