Levin: Impeachment Evidence Against Biden Continues To Mount

During a recent episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Blaze TV host Mark Levin lambasted President Joe Biden for his failures as a leader and argued that it is clear the president has committed several “high crimes.”

Biden swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution upon taking office, which he has violated, according to Levin. One such violation involves the various financial scandals surrounding his family and their alleged influence-peddling schemes with enemies of the United States.

These schemes involved individuals and entities in communist China, Russia and the previous Ukrainian government, which Levin argued was “a puppet of Vladimir Putin and Burisma and all the rest of it — the front corporations, the money laundering, the failure to pay taxes. Mr. 10%, Mr. Big, the laptop.”

“He’s violated the United States Constitution at least three ways,” he added.
Levin went on to point out that Biden has violated Article One of the Constitution when it comes to the border crisis.

“Joe Biden has purposefully, intentionally violated dozens of federal immigration laws, federal statutes passed duly by Congress,” he stated, arguing that the president has “undermined them by his actions, by his directives, by his executive orders.”

Levin also noted that Biden has undermined them through the members of his cabinet at the Department of Homeland Security, as well as by not enforcing the laws and even insisting that the laws not be enforced.

“The mayhem that has been created in this country is unimaginable,” the Blaze TV host said, referencing the fentanyl and human trafficking crisis caused by Biden’s open border policies.

He then pointed to Article Two of the Constitution, which states that the power of the purse belongs to Congress, specifically the House of Representatives.

“When Joe Biden decided, ‘You know what, I’m going to forgive a half a trillion or a trillion dollars in student loans because they’re my voters’” he again violated the Constitution, according to Levin.

“Joe has actively gone around the Constitution, the Congress, has defied the purpose and directive of the U.S. Supreme Court and has now given away $400 to $500 billion of taxpayer dollars in violation of the Constitution,” Levin added.

The Blaze TV host then explained that Biden’s final violation was empowering the enemy.
“What if we have a commander in chief that takes steps that actually empowers our sworn enemy. That takes steps to issue waivers that allows tens of billions of dollars to flow into the coffers of, say, the Iranian regime, a terrorist regime which has murdered American citizens,” Levin said.

“We have a president of the United States who not only gives aid and comfort to the enemy, he literally gives billions of dollars to them,” he added.