Levine Demands Tech Censorship Of ‘Misinformation’ Over Gender

Dr. Rachel Levine, the biological male who is also President Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, demanded tech companies censor medical “misinformation” concerning gender.

This comes at a time when the federal government is knee-deep in controversy over its efforts to suppress information and control social media platforms.

Levine was recently revealed to have made the call for quashing mentions of dissenting opinions of gender-related medical procedures to the Federation of State Medical Boards in New Orleans. The comments on the video were made in May and came to light on Twitter Monday morning.

The administration official urged medical professionals to confront “health misinformation” and initially referred to controversies surrounding COVID-19. The talk, however, quickly shifted gears.

Levine claimed there is “substantial misinformation” harming so-called “health equity” in the U.S. This led to statements about medical care for “gender minorities.”

The assistant secretary described the “onslaught of anti-LGBT actions” at the state level as posing a danger to “public health.” This resulted, Levine said, in false information surrounding “gender-affirming care for transgender and gender diverse individuals.”

Levine went further, declaring that the “positive value of gender-affirming care for youth and adults is not in scientific or medical dispute.”

And apparently, disagreeing with this doubtful position is enough to warrant censorship. Levine added that tech companies need to double down and “create a healthier, cleaner information environment.”

Twitter predictably exploded in outrage at the revelation of a Biden administration official calling for even more censorship. The American Conservative senior editor Rod Dreher noted that when fascism arrives in the U.S., it will be promoted under “Health and Safety.”

And Claremont Institute Lincoln fellow Terry Schilling argued that even communists did not promote phony health care like this. Their lies, he asserted, were to make themselves look better.

More than anything, liberals want complete control of the public narrative. And to accomplish that in 2022, they need the complicity of tech companies and social media platforms. This is the only reason we live in an age where the federal government under Democrats is attempting to control speech.