Liberal Donors Fuel ‘Republican’ Group’s Anti-Trump Campaign

A self-styled Republican group is making headlines with a multi-million dollar ad campaign against former President Donald Trump. Yet, this group, presenting itself as defending democracy, is substantially funded by Democratic donors.

Media outlets such as Newsweek, The Hill, The Center Square, and the Indianapolis Star have covered Republicans for the Rule of Law, framing it as a Republican entity launching a $2 million ad campaign to challenge Trump’s bid for presidential immunity over alleged election interference. However, they have overlooked that this group is a project of Defending Democracy Together, a nonprofit significantly funded by Democrat-aligned dark money sources.

This trend reflects a broader strategy where liberal donors back organizations to give the impression of Republican opposition to Trump. For instance, the Republican Accountability PAC, running a $50 million “Republican Voters Against Trump” campaign, received nearly 75% of its 2023 funding from six major Democratic donors.

Sarah Longwell, the executive director of Defending Democracy Together, also leads the Republican Accountability PAC. This organization, claiming to be created by lifelong conservatives and Republicans, aims to uphold the “integrity” of the Republican Party. Longwell also serves as the executive director of Republicans for the Rule of Law.

One of Defending Democracy Together’s largest funders is the Sixteen Thirty Fund, managed by the consulting firm Arabella Advisors. It contributed over $10.8 million between 2020 and 2022 to the group. The fund has a history of spending millions on left-of-center voter mobilization efforts and supporting pro-Democrat PACs.

Additionally, the Hopewell Fund, another organization managed by Arabella Advisors, donated $75,000 to Defending Democracy Together in 2018.

Democracy Fund Voice, funded by liberal billionaire Pierre Omidyar, provided $4.4 million between 2018 and 2021. Omidyar and his wife have been long-time donors to Democratic candidates and causes.

Republicans for the Rule of Law was established in 2018 to oppose any moves by then-President Trump to dismiss Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The group also ran ads supporting Mueller’s investigation and spent millions to persuade Republican Congress members to vote for Trump’s impeachment in 2019.

According to tax filings, Defending Democracy Together and Republicans for the Rule of Law share the same tax identification number, indicating they are essentially the same entity. The former also uses “Republicans for the Rule of Law” as a trade name.

While media reports paint Republicans for the Rule of Law as a genuine Republican effort, the substantial backing from Democrat-aligned donors suggests otherwise. The group’s actions align more closely with Democratic objectives, casting doubt on its portrayal as a Republican voice.