Liberals Turn On CNN With Boycott Hashtag On Twitter

CNN’s constant negative obsession with President Donald Trump was a staple in their network. However, now that Trump is no longer in office, the network’s ratings have plummeted and as CNN tries to gain a more Republican base, liberals are lashing out.

A new CNN chairman and CEO, Chris Licht, has caused the network to make enemies from within. The network has decided to shift to a more moderate editorial approach to try and boost its dwindling viewership.

CNN is known to cater to progressive viewers, but with a quickly shrinking audience, they decided to meet with Republicans to try and gain a more significant right-winged viewership.

As unbiased journalism becomes a thing of the past, CNN is now facing major backlash from its liberal base in its effort to expand its audience demographics.

Kristen Browde, who claims to be an original CNN staffer, took to Twitter to bash the new leadership’s more moderate stance.

“As an original staffer at CNN, I’m asking all of my former colleagues to express their serious concern with the new editorial direction the network is taking. It’s horrifying to thing the #BoycottCNN folks have a point. Remember when Ted and Reese said “The News is the star”?” the former staffer tweeted.

Many would assume the hashtag #BoycottCNN would be trending due to conservatives’ issues with the network. Still, the realization that it’s actually Democrats turning on their own makes it more amusing.

The former National Finance Chair of Draft Biden and Campaign Chair for Barack Obama, Jon Cooper, tweeted his anger at the network for not kowtowing to only liberal journalistic agendas.

He tweeted:
“I decided to #BoycottCNN as soon as the network began its shift to the right. It was a tough decision, since I’ve been a devout @CNN viewer since I was in my 20s. If I wanted to watch right-wing propaganda, I’d watch Fox. So for now, it’s ONLY @MSNBC for me.”

It appears that CNN is trying to embrace more of Fox News’ styles and gain more of its demographic base. Even though Fox has significantly gone more moderate and increasingly embraces liberal techniques, its viewership is strong.

CNN pandering to the right after decades of shunning any prospect of neutrality is backfiring big time.