Lincoln Project Faces Backlash Over Video Mocking Steve Bannon’s Imprisonment

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump political action committee, is under fire for a controversial video suggesting former White House strategist Steve Bannon would face rape in prison. The video, posted on social media, included a voiceover mocking Bannon and implying he would become a victim in prison.

The video, captioned, “The cost of being Trump’s bitch? Becoming a prisoner’s bitch,” was released a day after Bannon reported to prison. It included a voice saying, “Hey Steve, a wise man once said, ‘Kick someone’s ass the first day or become someone’s bitch.’ Of course, you may run into some problems on both of those fronts.” The video then showed footage of a man washing himself in a shower, continuing, “First of all, you look about as intimidating as a butterfly fart, so kicking anyone’s ass will probably result in becoming someone’s bitch anyway.”

Critics quickly condemned the video for making light of rape. Conservative journalist Chad Felix Greene, a rape survivor, called the video “disgusting beyond words” and emphasized that rape should not be used as a political weapon. Other commentators, such as Robby Soave of The Hill and Reason’s Billy Binion, also denounced the video as “vile” and “repulsive.”

The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf and National Review’s Dan McLaughlin criticized the Lincoln Project for endorsing prison rape as punishment, calling it “very on-brand” for the organization.

The Lincoln Project, founded in 2019 by Republicans opposed to Donald Trump, has faced previous controversies. In 2021, co-founder John Weaver was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple men, including a minor, leading to scrutiny over the group’s handling of the allegations.