‘Logic Is Gone’: Ron Klain Claims That Vaccine Shots Are Similar To Hardhats

We are done debating these idiots. They are supposed to be highly educated men and women attending some of the finest higher education institutions in this country. These are supposed to be the best and brightest individuals hired to do the most important jobs in this country. 

It is like we have given teenagers the keys to the car for a weekend trip and said, “have fun!” It will not go well. 

In the maladministration of dunces, Ron Klain is the ultimate blockhead. A simpleton and fool, this guy is in charge of staffing and access to the White House. Essentially these bureaucrats are running this country. And Klain asserted that hardhat required to demonstrate OSHA can order anybody to take forced vaccinations. 

Klain is an attorney, political consultant, and former lobbyist who attended Georgetown University and Harvard Law School. If this is the product of these universities, then the system is defective. Quality control needs to issue a callback. From now on, anyone with a degree from Harvard should be embarrassed and discredited if this is supposed to represent the output of education at a once fine institution. 

A clear public statement that contradicts logic and attempts to thwart a recent ruling by a Federal judge Klain shows everyone how stupid he is. 

Klain thinks he is the president now and joins Biden-Harris by issuing dictates. He thinks the federal government can coerce and compel Americans to get the jab because he can force them to wear hard hats. 

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain thinks that the Supreme Court will uphold Joe Biden’s non-vaccine mandate for private organizations that he’s handed off to OSHA because of stupidity. 

Because OSHA can make individuals wear a hard hat at work, it can set up straightforward vaccine measures to protect our workers because COVID-19 is like getting hit on the head by a 2X4. 

He seemed to miss the part where you infuse the vaccine into your body. According to the VAERS database, numerous side effects from vaccines have been reported. When was the last time someone injected a hardhat into their body? Can you remove the vaccine at the end of the day and hang it up? What are the graveside effects from hat-head we are unaware of? 

Is this supposed to pass as a logical argument in 2021? We are straying as a culture, society, and nation.  

OSHA should not be compelling individuals to take an untested shot that can cause catastrophic results. States should sue OSHA since they’re actively opposing the wellbeing of the American public. 

After extensive testing, if a hardhat fails due to flaws in the device’s manufacture, the company that made it is legally liable for damages. Is Klain proposing that Congress remove legal protections from vaccine manufacturers? According to 42 US Code § 300aa–22, “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine.” That does not sound like a product they stand behind. 

Liberals say things that CNN and MSNBC will nod to convince their foolish viewers to comply with stupid rules. These individuals are imbeciles. They are all idiots.