LOL! Amazon Puts Hunter Biden’s Memoir in the Most Appropriate Category Ever

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The announcement that a Hunter Biden memoir, titled Beautiful Things, will be published in April has sent the book up the sales charts on Amazon. At the moment of this writing, it sits at #1,620 overall.

Not bad. I’ve been in the top 500 books on Amazon before, but, rest assured, the anti-Trump left will come out and buy this book in numbers to send it even higher.

But, it’s not its overall ranking that’s interesting.

Take a look at the listing and see if you notice anything… interesting.

That’s right. Amazon has put Hunter Biden’s memoir in the category of Chinese Biographies. I assure you, this is not photoshopped.

Hunter Biden is most certainly not from China, but his shady business dealings with China have been the subject of scrutiny for some time. As Tyler O’Neil noted back in December, “Hunter Biden notoriously cashed in on lucrative deals in China and Ukraine while his father served as President Barack Obama’s point person on those countries. In the lead-up to Election Day, a former Hunter Biden associate testified that Joe Biden was involved in the deals.” The Bidens’ deals with China were often made at the expense of American interests. Hunter’s companies “invested in things that purposefully hurt America’s interests around the world,” M.A. Taylor, director of the new documentary RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets, said in an interview with PJ Media in October. “He chose to invest in things that will kill American troops, that will transfer sensitive technology to the Chinese military.”

According to Taylor, “Americans are going to suffer directly because of the actions of Hunter Biden and by extension Joe Biden, and they already have.”

So yeah… Amazon really did put Hunter’s memoir in the appropriate category.