Los Angeles Is About To Get A Lot ‘More Dangerous’

At this very moment, left-wing city leaders are in the process of absolutely destroying their communities without a care in the world.

New York City is dealing with massive increases in lawlessness, with police officers losing their lives on the job. However, that’s not stopping Mayor Eric Adams from striking down a COVID vaccine mandate that will see swaths of officers fired over their decision to refuse the COVID vaccine.

As horrible as that is, New York City is far from an outlier. Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles is watching as hundreds of police officers are set to be fired because they will not receive the COVID immunizations.

In light of this, the sheriff of Los Angeles County just put out a warning that should send chills down everyone’s spine, as covered by TheBlaze.

Alex Villanueva, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, warned that if the Los Angeles vaccine mandate for police officers goes through, about 4,000 members of law enforcement will be let go.

Sheriff Villanueva also noted these mass terminations would come when the city has undergone a 64% surge in grand theft auto, along with a 94% rise in homicide. He also rightfully noted that what’s happening is not feasible and sends a severe blow to public safety.

All of this comes as there’s been an altogether freeze on hiring in Los Angeles County. It, too, isn’t something that can work in the long run.

Meanwhile, as all of this plays out, the Mayor of Los Angeles is nowhere to be found. Garcetti made news last time it violated his face mask mandate at an NFL game with the California Governor and San Francisco Mayor.

At this juncture in the United States, there are growing questions about whether or not these deeply leftist cities and communities are beyond saving.

These communities are tightly under the thumbs of autocratic leftist leaders. Meanwhile, residents continue to vote for Democrats repeatedly, thus ensuring the same adverse outcomes.

California has seen some of the highest numbers nationwide of people moving away, mainly to red states. If Los Angeles County doesn’t get its house in order, they’re going to see even more crime, with much fewer officers on the beat.

It should be common sense that firing police officers in the middle of a crime wave isn’t the right call. However, this reality hasn’t dawned on the leaders in Los Angeles, New York City, and other blue cities.