Los Angeles Leaders Left ‘Scrambling’ After Decades Of Bad Policies

To say that Los Angeles has real issues would be the understatement of the decade. The city’s decades of being under the control of Democrat leaders haven’t generated very many positive results.

The cost of living, for one thing, is vastly unaffordable. Much of the middle class has been priced out of Los Angeles due to high taxes and a series of other problems. It has led to a situation where very wealthy folks live.

Somehow, the leaders of Los Angeles are refusing to deal with this issue effectively. After all, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is too busy going to football games and breaking his face covering edicts.

However, the arrival of the Super Bowl has put the city of Los Angeles in a tight spot. According to PJ Media, this explains why the city is now essentially trying to act as if homelessness isn’t a significant plight.

For years, Los Angeles has been dealing with the homelessness crisis. However, their latest response to the situation amid the Super Bowl is a personification of why the city is in so much trouble.

At this time, Los Angeles recognizes that it’s not a good look for people coming into town for the Super Bowl to see tents of homeless folks lined up on the roads. Therefore, the city determined that moving the homeless away from areas where tourists are likely to see them is the best path forward.

Of course, Los Angeles tried this before, and it didn’t work. The reality is that no matter how many Super Bowl games the city hosts, there are still at least 63,000 homeless individuals within the community.

Anyone traveling to this area of California to celebrate the Super Bowl would have difficulty not seeing at least some of the people without homes.

As long as Los Angeles continues working to evade accountability for the homelessness crisis it created, the worse things will get. That’s not to mention that California Governor Newsom has invited homeless folks in other parts of the country to come to the state.

As unfortunate as this may be, no one should expect much to change in Los Angeles. Residents of the city are consistently voting and re-electing Democrats into office, regardless of how poorly they perform as leaders.

Until this changes, nothing will get any better in Los Angeles.